What are the performance characteristics of Paper straw adhesives?

Publish Time: 2024-06-14
The performance characteristics of Paper straw adhesives can be summarized as follows:

Fast bonding performance: Paper straw adhesives need to have fast bonding properties and can bond the paper tightly in a very short time. This rapid bonding performance can significantly improve the production efficiency of paper straws and adapt to the needs of high-speed production lines.

Excellent chemical stability: Paper straw adhesives need to withstand immersion in different liquids, including water of different temperatures, sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, alcoholic liquids, etc. After soaking in these liquids, the adhesive should show no migration, ensuring the stability of the bonding effect and food safety.

Excellent temperature resistance: Paper straws made of Paper straw adhesives need to be able to maintain excellent adhesion in medium-high temperature (above 60 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius) environments. This makes paper straws suitable not only for cold drinks, but also for hot drinks, meeting a wider range of consumer needs.

Good environmental protection: Modern Paper straw adhesives pay more and more attention to environmental protection performance. Paper straw adhesives made of water-based glue or environmentally friendly glue not only reduce pollution emissions, but also comply with the concept of sustainable development.

High adhesive force and strength: Paper straw adhesives have strong adhesive force, which can ensure that paper straws are not easy to fall apart or deform during use. At the same time, its adhesion and strength remain stable over a long period of time, extending the service life of paper straws.

Suitable pH value and odor: Paper straw adhesives usually have a suitable pH value (4-8) to reduce the generation of bad odors. At the same time, the high-quality adhesive is formulated to avoid the release of bad odors and improve the user experience of paper straws.

In summary, Paper straw adhesives have significant performance characteristics in terms of fast bonding, chemical stability, temperature resistance, environmental protection, adhesion and strength, pH value and odor, and compliance.

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