How to improve the UV blocking ability of Water based barrier coating Emulsions by improving their formulation?

Publish Time: 2024-07-08
In the field of coatings, Water based barrier coating Emulsions have attracted much attention due to their environmental protection and safety characteristics. However, to enhance their UV blocking ability, the improvement of the formulation is crucial.

First of all, choosing the right resin is the key. Resins with good weather resistance can provide a basic protective framework for coatings. For example, some acrylic resins have high stability under UV irradiation and can be given priority in the formulation.

The addition of light stabilizers can significantly improve the UV resistance of emulsions. UV absorbers can absorb the energy of UV rays and convert it into heat energy to dissipate, thereby reducing the damage of UV rays to the coating. Hindered amine light stabilizers can capture free radicals, prevent the chain reaction caused by free radicals, and delay the aging of the coating.

The introduction of nanomaterials is an innovative method. Nano zinc oxide, nano titanium dioxide, etc. have excellent UV blocking properties. These nanoparticles can be evenly dispersed in the emulsion to form an effective physical barrier to block the penetration of UV rays.

The choice of pigments cannot be ignored either. Some dark pigments, such as carbon black, can absorb a lot of UV rays. But when using them, pay attention to their effects on the color and other properties of the coating. In addition, you can also consider adding functional additives. For example, thickeners can adjust the viscosity of the coating, making the coating more uniform and thick, and increasing the difficulty of UV penetration.

In the process of improving the formula, a lot of experiments and tests are needed. By adjusting the proportions of various ingredients and observing their effects on UV blocking ability, the optimal formula combination can be found. At the same time, other properties of the coating, such as adhesion, water resistance, flexibility, etc., should be taken into account to ensure that the coating can play an excellent comprehensive performance in practical applications.

In short, by carefully selecting and optimizing the combination of ingredients such as resins, light stabilizers, nanomaterials, pigments and additives, the formula of Water based barrier coating Emulsions can be effectively improved, its UV blocking ability can be significantly enhanced, and more reliable protection can be provided for various application scenarios.

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