Dongguan Polymer New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Publish Time: 2024-04-25

Dongguan Polymer New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is a high-tech enterprise with innovative thinking, technological innovation, and product innovation. The company has a professional technical team with over 27 years of rich experience. Proficient in the synthesis of high-end polymer emulsions from basic materials, core-shell polymerization process and interpenetrating network(IPN), widely used in water-based adhesives, water-based coatings, water-based paints, water-based inks and other industries. At the same time, he is good at refining various adhesives by polymer emulsions and special additives. He has successfully developed, produced and sold a series of high-end and stable water-based adhesives, which are widely used in printing and packaging, toys, handicrafts, building materials and other industries. In the field of polymer emulsions and adhesives, inks and coatings, it can provide customers with comprehensive tailoring, practical solutions and create higher added value.

Providing customers with high-end, stable, efficient solutions, and high added value products is the common goal of every employee of Polymer Technology. We continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "drawing on the strengths of others, working together, providing attentive services, and creating a better future together". We sincerely work together with our customers to work together, seek development, and create a better future!


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